Server Stats

More zombies have been killed on this server than the entire population of Northeast (US), population 54,924,779.
That is almost more than the entire population of Midwest (US), population 66,561,448!

Server Summary
Total players:109,136
Total points:643,226,019
Infected Killed:55,310,923
Survivors Killed:678,119
Headshot Ratio:8.58 %
Points per Minute:0.00
Boomer Average:1.33
Hunter Average:15.26
Smoker Average:24.30
Spitter Average:140.08
Jockey Average:14.98
Charger Average:29.16
Tank Average:462.35
Infected Kills Summary
Infected TypeKills
Common Infected46,847,393
Infected Awards Summary
Survivors Incapacitated2,555,989
All Survivors Dead489,490
Perfect Blindness187,604
Hunter Perfect Pounce119,447
Caused Ledge Grab104,162
Scattering Ram43,634
Hunter Nice Pounce19,792
Survivor Awards Summary
Protected Friendlies4,733,224
Revived Friendlies2,211,064
Saved Friendlies from Chargers1,633,798
Saved Friendlies from Smokers841,608
Ammo Upgrades Deployed822,573
Saved Friendlies from Hunters538,197
Saved Friendlies from Jockeys477,764
Campaigns Completed67,681
Safe Houses Reached with All Survivors40,556
Tanks Killed with No Deaths36,736
Medkits Given35,934
Leveled Charges30,601
Gas Canisters Poured23,545
Pills Given23,350
Adrenalines Given14,322
Tanks Killed with Team5,822
Crowned Witches893
Rescued Friendlies0
Demerits Summary
Friendly Fire Incidents5,342,424
Friendlies Left For Dead2,767,942
Infected Let In Safe Room823,180
Incapacitated Friendlies210,927
Witches Disturbed58,286
Teammates Killed6,102
Gamemodes Summary
All0.00 seconds (0 min)