Server Stats

More zombies have been killed on this server than the entire population of Texas, population 24,326,974.
That is almost more than the entire population of California, population 36,756,666!

Server Summary
Total players:96,096
Total points:54,382,083
Infected Killed:26,830,595
Survivors Killed:0
Headshot Ratio:0 %
Points per Minute:0.00
Boomer Average:0
Hunter Average:0
Smoker Average:0
Spitter Average:0
Jockey Average:0
Charger Average:0
Tank Average:0
Infected Kills Summary
Infected TypeKills
Common Infected22,708,336
Infected Awards Summary
All Survivors Dead0
Perfect Blindness0
Hunter Perfect Pounce0
Hunter Nice Pounce0
Survivors Incapacitated0
Caused Ledge Grab0
Scattering Ram0
Survivor Awards Summary
Protected Friendlies2,468,202
Revived Friendlies1,563,115
Medkits Given228,514
Rescued Friendlies125,267
Pills Given111,501
Tanks Killed with No Deaths107,266
Adrenalines Given72,406
Tanks Killed with Team60,645
Safe Houses Reached with All Survivors0
Ammo Upgrades Deployed0
Crowned Witches0
Gas Canisters Poured0
Leveled Charges0
Saved Friendlies from Chargers0
Saved Friendlies from Jockeys0
Saved Friendlies from Smokers0
Saved Friendlies from Hunters0
Campaigns Completed0
Demerits Summary
Friendlies Left For Dead4,589,036
Infected Let In Safe Room364,012
Incapacitated Friendlies302,148
Friendly Fire Incidents0
Teammates Killed0
Witches Disturbed0
Gamemodes Summary
All0.00 seconds (0 min)