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Product Description

vip basic offer :

  1. Immunity to kick and bans.

  2. Access to reserved slots when server is full.

  3. Prefix in chat (VIP).

  4. Custom join message (+VIP).

  5. Flash-Light with colors ( example : !light blue ).

  6. VIP menu which gives you access to the next options ( !BASIC ) OR (!VB):

  • Guns : sniper-military, m60, sg552. ( Timers )

  • Melee : baseball-bat, fraying pan, fireaxe. ( Every 15 minutes )

  • Skin Colors : blue, orange, yellow, red, green, purple.

  • Aura Colors : blue, orange, yellow, red, green, purple.

  • Items : adrenaline, pills, laser, defibrillator, medkit.

Note :

VIP Menu : !BASIC Or !VB.

Guns, Items, and melee have timers.

All VIP offers last 1 month from the day you purchase.

VIP doesn’t make you immune from servers rules…So please read servers rules.

After purchase we never pay back if you change your mind.

VIP will be activated in 16 hours max…You will get an email notification when your VIP is activated.

You have any problem, question, suggestions, you can contact us anytime via our social groups or our forums.


> With your purchase you help us improve the project and keep it alive…Thank you very much for your support. <

purchase 3 months or more and get 1 month free.


no money back in all cases.