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servers rules - please read

Those servers are for all people and all players,newbie,good or pro you welcome here…Our principle is to have fun and make people happy no matter differences…Just be NICE.

general rules


1. No team killing.
a) Accidents are bound to happen guys. If you shoot your teammates, apologize. You will be forgiven.
2. No fighting,no insult,no racism.
3. Be kind and polite. No racism, nazizm, fascism, sexism, homophobia,drama ,xenophobia etc.
a) We love all and everyone is welcome here.
b) Please try to understand that English is not everyone familiar with it.
4. Be considerate and help your teammates.
5. Take precaution with hazards.
6. Report bugs.
7. Do not spam on chat,mic,bombs,antifarm,


8.You die,you can’t ask for your guns or your items…Just ask nicely but it depends on the player who take ’em.

help your team


Since the servers are on Hardcore Difficulty, there are guaranteed to be players struggling and needing help from their teammates including you. Please try not to leave your teammates down as they might have items they’ve worked hard for. Looting items from dead teammates or before picking up a teammate just makes you look selfish unless they tell you to do so. We also urge for you to not play with the saferoom door or close it on downed teammates trying to crawl in, this is a very crucial mistake most players tend to make. Heal those who are black & white indicated by their character’s white glow, share your pills, shots, etc.

report problems


We would really appreciate your senses to let us know if there is a technical problem with something on the server. (For example: The elevator in c4m3 not working even though everybody is inside or things spawning at unusual times) If you encounter a bug, please leave a post on our official Social groups or our Forum. Be sure to include the time, date, and which map the bug occurred.

admins & vip rules

Admins and VIP are not immune too from those rules…Any one break the rules is invulnerable for punishments and ban…Please respect those rules,player,admin or vip…Those rules are just made to make game play better and make sure every body is happy and confortable in server…So those rules are here to help us all.

 Respect Those Rules Please 

Respect admins they are here to help you.