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  • acidbox: Spawns a pool of spitter acid around box.
  • airstrikebox: Creates F-18 jets that fly pass, randomly shooting missiles.
  • bingobox: Randomly gain or lose up to -500 points.
  • blazebox: A shield of fire protects you from all zombies and special infected (except the tank!)
  • bloodbox: Reduces the amount of times you can get incapacitated to 1.
  • bonusbox: Increases the amount of points and drops from special infected.
  • boombox: Creates a small explosion.
  • boomerbox: Only boomer special infected.
  • bossbox: Doubles the amount of special infected.
  • bridebox: Spawns 2 bride witches by box!
  • bwbox: The player becomes black and white.
  • chargerbox: Only charger special infected.
  • cloudbox: Spawns a toxic cloud that can hurt players over time if standing in it.
  • deathbox: Randomly kills players.
  • expiredbox: You become black and white with 1hp!
  • explosionbox: Creates an explosion that can incapacitate/kill players!
  • failbox: No more drops from special infected!
  • flamebox: Player is on fire until incapacitated.
  • freezebox: Freezes nearby players.
  • grenadebox: Gives the player a grenade launcher. ⁽ᴬˡʷᵃʸˢ ᵍᶦᵛᵉ ᵗᵒ ᴷᵘʳᵃ ˣᴰ⁾
  • hardbox: Increases the difficulty.
  • healbox: Heals the player’s life to 100%. Has a chance to bring dead players back to life.
  • hellbox: Creates an explosion each second for 5 times on the player that opened the box! Beware!
  • huntingbox: Only hunter special infected.
  • jackinthebox: You can win points or death! Or… maybe nothing.
  • jackpotbox: Randomly awards points to players! However, not everyone will win points.
  • jockeybox: Coming soon!
  • laserbox: Spawns the laser sight upgrades box.
  • lifebox: Gives the player 200hp.
  • medbox: Spawns medikits, defibrillators, pills or adrenaline shots.
  • meteorbox: Creates meteors that fall from the sky for a short time period.
  • multiplebox: Spawns multiple boxes.
  • nextbox: Shows what box is next.
  • panicbox: Calls a horde of random uncommon zombies.
  • pointsbox: Player receives +500 points.
  • realismbox: Deactivates the halos/glow around all players and items.
  • respawnbox: Brings dead players back to life.
  • spitterbox: Only spitter special infected.
  • tankbox: Spawns a regular/super tank OR turns player into tank!
  • tinybox: Zombies become smaller.
  • vomitbox: Vomits nearby players.
  • weaponbox: Player receives a random weapon. (scout, spas, or AWP)
  • whitebox: All players become black and white!
  • witchbox: Spawns 10 witches in a random place.