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Alliance America 13vs13

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Hello ! Welcome to Alliance Group Servers — or should I say…Welcome to Hell !!

In those servers, the difficulty is Expert or Hardcore and you have to play as TEAM with a maximum of 25 other players to survive the zombie apocalypse in all 13 campaigns !! It is highly recommended that you Read Servers Rules before playing to not get ban or abuse game or disturb others.

If you’re experiencing any problems please, don’t be afraid to talk to an available moder or admin. We are here to help you. 🙂 If no one is available, leave a comment in the FORUMS or in our Social Groups.

We support new and amateur players and we try to help them to get skills and play better…Our main point is to make all people happy and have fun playing in our servers.



 Clan Discussion

  • Mons Monseter

    hello Admins
    please ban player: cab (STEAM_1:0:2044733312) he help his enemy friends, he open safe room for infected all the time, we kick him but he keep back after 20 min.

  • Patricia Silva

    please admin desban please love to play on your server will never break the rules left 4 dead 2 nickname IZZIPIZI userID STEAM_1: 0: 585368108

    • Hello…You are banned for Insulting Players and Bad Words in server…So read server rules and respect them this time please.

  • Robert Downey Jr.

    Hi NiTro, I Super, why you ban me_ 24hs is too much time, you teleport and not notice me, I kill RabelBoy accidentally in a finish round and I did not hurt anyone on the new map, you say me Abusive?

    You banned me directly whit out vote ban :O I now you are Admin but…. -,,,,-

    maybe because kill you friend :v

    • i saw you when vomit a player on purpose…i don’t ban people without reasons…is that abusive or not ?

  • Loemilson Santiago

    I can not log in usuario Rick

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  • Founded01/10/2016
  • LanguageEnglish
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  • img Left 4 Dead 2



Nitro <> Egoshooter <> Isbell <> Gentha  <> Avie-Cery <> Ander <> Leo.

 We all are here to support you 

9 Members
  • LanguageEnglish
  • LocationUnited States of America
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